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  The Bottom Line - 1992
The four campaigns who used the PhoneVoter produced results with stunning speed. 
Perot, the frugal, never used satellite; but starting in February he rose into high enough polling numbers to be a serious contender for the presidency.
Clinton understood the PhoneVoter services would require him to debate issues and answer questions, not just glad-hand voters and, “Feel their pain.”  His donations and supporters increased rapidly.  Soon, Bill and Hillary had the money to pay for services.  But they didn't, naturally.  
  Jerry Brown - 1992

Pat Buchanan and Jerry Brown both began exploring the potential of PhoneVoter TV in late February.  Brown dallied around, not getting his “Unedited Speech” with his own cameraperson, to PhoneVoter for several weeks.   Buchanan’s Campaign Chairman, his sister Bay Buchanan, had one to PhoneVoter within a week. 

Jerry Brown and Pat Buchanan were each committed to change.  Their goals differed, but each believed their own ideas would be good for America.  If there was any doubt at the time, these questions have been laid to rest by how they have spent the 36 years since the 1992 election.   Each was willing to debate openly.

Open and extensive are two words you should keep in mind.  Also, audience research and sharing information.  This is for later.  At the time you could see tallies at the bottom of their screen.

When the Unedited Presidential Candidates’ Speeches began to air nationwide 16-hours per day from the last week of April through the California Primary on June 6th, Brown and Buchanan’s polling numbers began to rise suddenly. Brown’s campaign included the use of an 800 number to encourage small donors, focusing on term limits, a flat tax, and the abolition of the Department of Education.  Jerry would not begin his participation in Unedited Presidential Candidate Speeches until late April, but his 1040 Flat Tax event in front of the New York Public Library, Main Branch, had taken place.  The NY primary would take place on April 7th. 

Brock faxed Brown a visual stunt. Having the Federal Tax Code Books (70 volumes) of loopholes, receding behind Brown in a trash truck.  Unfortunately, Clinton’s union allies in NY got wind of this exciting event and ensured no trash truck was available.  Undeterred, Brown checked out the stacks of tax loopholes, then threw the volumes one-by-one slowly into a trash can as he held up his postcard 1040 flat-tax IRS Form in front of mobile crews from 13 TV Networks.  The replay of the stunt coast-to-coast caused a 2% rise in Brown’s popularity every day.  d’Avignon calculated Brown had missed beating Clinton in the NY and California Primaries by three days to be the Democrat nominee. 

Pat Buchanan
Buchanan went into the Republican Convention having campaigned for the same values he stands for today.  These are essentially paleoconservative.  He and Bay run The American Cause .
Jerry Brown was elected to the office as Attorney General and again twice Governor of California.  He maintains a website, Jerry Brown , which bemoans the level of the prison population in California.  Brock in 2004, sent Brown and Governor Schwarzenegger simultaneously, a solution which includes releasing all convicts in prison for victimless crimes immediately; and allowing those who had a victim, to pay restitution in the form of a 17% percent of their monthly income to their victim via a court 3rd party.  d’Avignon refers to convicts who qualify to pay restitution as “Outvicts”. Only 33% of employers will hire an ex-convict, yet  69% of employers will employ an Outvict if the crime was non-violent and prisoners agree to pay restitution on these terms.

Buchanan’s advocacy on PhoneVoter TV (alternating with Brown) for a line-item-veto for use by President Bush or himself, received 10% of the GOP’s support, trying to cope with the broken pledge of “no new taxes”.  
How Dangerous was, and is, PhoneVoter TV to the Establishment?

The best measure of the power of interaction is the steps both major parties took to ensure it would not be available to candidates they did not want to be elected.  Add to this, the purchase of Keystone Satellite Communications at ten times its value, and you see that the elites well understood the threat to their power Interactive TV presented.
Almost immediately after the 1992 primary elections, Keystone Satellite Communications canceled the offer for free satellite time for PhoneVoter.  Keystone was bought for ten times its value by a subsidiary of France Telecom.  The sum paid was $100M.  The order for the purchase came from Bilderberger leader Etienne d’Avignon, EU Vice-Chancellor.  The purchase happened after Bush Senior went down to screaming defeat in November of 1992 from high popularity of 89%.
Brock learned this the next year from Keystone’s former General Manager, David Hansford, who told Brock the new owners expressed consternation when they learned Keystone had no contract with Brock for PhoneVoter TV Network. It was an experiment. Keystone’s former owner, David Simmons, was restricted from being in the satellite business for 17 years. 
NOTE:  Any connection between Brock and Etienne d’Avignon would have to date back at least 300 years at the time Brock’s family moved to the New World; both are named “of Avignon” a 2,000-year-old city in France.
Clinton became the titular head of the Democratic Party with his election to the presidency, understanding the power of the satellite was responsible for his election.  He also understood the danger of Interactive communication with America’s electorate, as did Bush Senior and the group which was growing around his son, W.

Lamar Alexander

Lamar Alexander

Mike Murphy

1996 – The Election that Wasn’t on Satellite
In 1993 Haley Barbour became the Chairman of the Republican National Committee.  This could only have happened with the approval of Bush Senior. Barbour told GOP presidential candidates he had cut a deal with the DNC agreeing neither party would use either satellite nor PhoneVoter for the 1996 election. This happened along with the start of the demopublican self-commissioned Commission on Presidential Debates by the two parties.  
In 1995, Haley Barbour, forbade GOP presidential candidates the use of either satellite or PhoneVoter TV’s Campaigns On Satellite (COS), citing this agreement all through 1996. But Barbour knew this was untrue.  The Democratic Party had bought satellite time for all of 1996 in October 1995.
Brock learned about this purchase through one of his contacts in the satellite industry and immediately informed Haley Barbour, and all declared candidates, including Republicans. LINK
One of these was the Media Consultant for the Dole-Kemp Campaign, Mike Murphy , (scroll down to see the Contact Notes Brock made ) who had worked as a media consultant on the campaign for George H. W. Bush in 1988 and 1992.  Murphy popped up as the Media Consultant for Lamar Alexander in 1996 and blocked the campaign's use of PhoneVoter TV there, despite their having received multiple proposals and a desire by the staff to try again.  This is reflected in the contact records from PhoneVoter.  The Neo-Conservatives, who were now far advanced in dominating the GOP with government-business partnerships, had tacitly, de facto, agreed to give Bill Clinton a second term, focusing on the 2000 campaign for George W. Bush. 

Mike Murphy with John McCain, getting paid to keep his employer from being elected.

The NeoCons and the 2000 Election
In 2000, Mike Murphy pulled the same con on John McCain, blocking the PhoneVoter proposals 13 times.    McCain learned of this as he stood waiting to concede the California primary to George W. Bush in front of his Straight Talk bus waiting to drive between a dozen satellite uplink trucks from others’ networks.  Brock handed him another copy of the proposal.  McCain and his wife, Cindy read it together.  Cindy exclaimed, “John, we could have won with this!” 
McCain stormed over to Murphy, raging.  Murphy shrugged saying, “You got a conventional campaign.”
Mike Murphy talked his way onto the McCain Campaign not to get John McCain elected, but to ensure he lost to George W. Bush.  His payoff for acting as a BushCo agent in place is obvious today.  Murphy is now a media pundit.  Murphy and John Fund both worked on ensuring McCain lost.  Fund planted the false story before Southern Super Tuesday on a black McCain love-child . Murphy worked more directly.  Both continue to be agents in place.  Assume there are others from both the Right and Left, still working to block your access to, and review of candidates.
Just knowing the story above immunizes us from trusting those who have taken America, and our world into such danger.  At the beginning of this article, I said you have the power to change this.  You do, and together we can turn away from our present direction and win through to:

  • A stable, prosperous economy
  • Ensuring individual rights for all
  • Affordable health care for everyone
  • The means for cleaning up the environment in neighborhoods by assigning liability
  • Protecting people from the impact of climate change
  • Complete liability for polluters

What you have learned are unpalatable facts about political figures in both major parties, the story is not about politics.  It is about how ordinary people can change everything rapidly. 

And now, what to do about it