Giving Each of Us a Voice in Governance
What Could Have Happened in 1992?


In 1992 Americans were growing restless, uneasy with the direction of government.  They hungered for a voice, the means to exercise the power reserved only to them by the Revolution and through the Bill of Rights.  So the opportunity to ask questions and register their opinions on a national level had an electrifying impact which sent the numbers for the three candidates PhoneVoter was then working with up rapidly.  
Phone Voter was working to bring the Debate Tournament live and sign up more candidates whose campaigns would continue.     This did not happen because immediately after the Primary in June Etienne d’Avignon, the leader of the Bilderberger Group, had France Telecom buy Keystone at ten times its assessed value.  The reason for this, Brock was told later, was to stop PhoneVoter and control Brock’s attempts to persuade presidential candidates to use Interactive TV and satellite.  Etienne d’Avignon is no relation to Brock.  Any connection would be from 2000 - 500 years in the past.  Both are named after the same city in France.

Real Debate was and continues to be,  deadly to the control of what we believe to be true.  Candidates become known quantities to us and so do their proposed policies and solutions, if any, with this essential transparency with opportunity for the exchange of facts.  

What would have happened in 1992 if there had been a real debate?  Ask yourself.  One likely scenario is below.


The Debate Tournament - 1992
Pairing up all candidates to debate

       In Round One in 1992, for example, there would be 64 Candidates having 32 hour-long Debates.

Round Two Winners for the Round One have 16 one-hour Debates 

Round Three  Winners for the Round Two have 8 one-hour Debates, or Debates are extended to 2-hours. 

Round Four  Winners for Round Three have 4 one or two hour Debates Leaving 2 Winners for the Final Round

Who do you think would have been on the Final Round?

We just  know the above is what the Demopublicans feared, not even getting into the finals.

You can be sure there would have been major changes as voters made use of the opportunity to ask questions, express opinions, and work past the facile charm of personalities masking a lack of character which would have come out under close scrutiny,  

​We had a solution lined up for the possibility of a reticient major party candidate refusing to join in.  

           5th Amendment

We don't think the disappearing act will last very long Cluck, Cluck,  because their polling numbers will recede into the single digits if they do and the jokes will be too delightful.  It is nice to see someone who deserves it cut down to size by popular demand.  

And no candidate will be able to go in wired for advice to save them, not Dems, not GOP and not anyone else, either

    - because the audience will be asking the questions. 

Can Change Everything