The Story Dems and GOP Did Not Want Told

It was an unusual election year because the respectable Democratic likely candidates hung back, unwilling to run against a monumentally popular sitting president, George H. W. Bush.  Two cantankerous normally GOP types, H. Ross Perot, who had conflicts with President Bush in Texas, and Pat Buchanan, who wanted a platform to talk about the Line Item Veto, filed to run against President Bush.  And an entirely unlikely and unknown politician from Arkansas, Bill Clinton decided it was time.  But his original polling refuted this until he was offered consulting services by PhoneVoter Executive Producer, Brock d'Avignon,  d'Avignon, believing they had made a hand-shake deal to pay for services shared with Clinton's staff the means he was using to jump-start campaigns for Perot, Jerry Brown and Pat Buchanan.  It will not come as a surprise that Clinton grabbed the recommendations and equipment and stiffed PhoneVoter, never paying a cent.   How he accomplished this leads to more you should know about the significance of the 1992 election.
What really happened in 1992 – Not Perot or Clinton - but PhoneVoter TV Network
VBill Clinton stole all the ideas presented.  Brock suggested the Satellite Truck, the Road Show and that Bill handle his own mike.
Brock worked with Ross' two media mavens but Ross took all of his suggestions and used them on the Telepoll 700 program but paid Phone Voter for no satellite services and used none of the free satellite time.  ​
Bay Buchanan, Pat's sister, and former Treasurer of the United States, was great to work with, Brock reports.  
Brock reports Jerry Brown was fun to work with and willing to consider how to demonstrate visually how to close the loop-holes in the tax system. 

And now, about those 60 Presidential candidates who either did not understand technology well enough to understand what a satellite was, or how the electrons get into their television set, or the concept of Interaction through electronic devices, such as phones:

In 1992, PhoneVoter was not keeping its records for contacts with the Presidential Campaigns and various political parties, so this list is all we have as positively offered services along with the proposals we reassembled from pieces still in existence.    

We tried to welcome all candidates into the 20th Century.   Now, it is 36 years later, yet another century,   and although the 'major parties' did all in their power to keep you from being heard with the continuing illusion TV 'costs too much' or is not allowed for minor candidates.  Fear is no longer working.   For all uses, politics included, we are ready to give you a voice.  Keep that in mind as we go over what happened in 1992!

The candidates in RED  and bolded either used the consulting provided by PhoneVoter or tried to do so starting in January 1992.
H. Ross Perot
George H. W. Bush 
Pat Buchanan 
Alan Keyes 
Bill Clinton 
Jerry Brown 
Paul Tsongas
Robert P. Casey 
Pat Schroeder 
Larry Agran 
Al Gore 
Andre Marrou
Lee Wrights -
Lee Wrights could not get the Libertarian Party to use PhoneVoter and Satellite.
Lee told Brock he could not get anyone at the National LP HQ to answer the phone, either.
Hans G. Schroeder
Calvin Warburton
David H. Raaflaub
Craig Franklin
Mary Ruwart
Lenora Fulani
Ronald Daniels
John Hagelin 

Howard Phillips
Bo Gritz - 
Bo Gritz was offered the banner of the Perot campaign through a stream of requests  by Perot supporters  beginning after Perot backed out.
Perot stalled until after the Primaries, disrupting all other options.  Then, in July he invented a reason to back out.
James (Mac) Warren
J. Quinn Brisben 
Jack Herer
Earl Dodge
Drew Bradford
Eugene R. Hem
Delbert Ehlers
James Boren 
Isabell Masters 
Robert J. Smith
Howard Phillips
Gloria La Riva 
  ​PhoneVoter was there in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2016 and now for 2020 not for the candidates 
but to give Americans a voice and the means to solve problems themselves
without taxes, force of law or limiting your freedom. 
Freedom and caring for each other is for all of us.
​That said, ALL opinions are welcome.

And so are working solutions.

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