The Solutions

 The solution to the problem of empowering people is mass-audience, interactive communications. Participants today will be able to connect to solve local problems from ideas they see working on shows.  Interactive TV gives individuals the power to choose, make suggestions, modify solutions, and work together. No filters, no censorship.  Read debates, tournaments in which everyone who wants to run for an office can participate, are the front end of these solutions.  

Don’t worry about attempts at censoring or about child porn or kitten killing.  We have this covered. We love kittens, too. 
Americans want to be heard.  They want solutions.  Are you ready to help provide these, and let ordinary people decide for themselves? IPTV is what you expect from the Internet on steroids. Seeing your own comments, Phonevotes, solutions, donations, purchases, and uploads is a heady experience.  Links to Local chatrooms provide the means for people organize locally.  We can change Congress, ensure the people who have real solutions are funded, clean-up the Amazon’s rainforest to Los Angeles come together to welcome refugees, and move to a sustainable world. Are you ready? 

The 2020 
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