Make Sure You Are Heard, Have a Vote & Offer &Get  Solutions
Interactive is the TV Experience Which Empowers You, the Voter
Don't Be Fooled!

It is all too easy for candidates to lie to us, if that is their inclination. A wise man, Marty Stoneman, taught me the trick is getting you to lie to yourself.  Politicians do this by using vague, emotionally charged words; so without realizing it you add your own meanings and so construct what you want to hear.  Marty handed me a clicker to use when I listened to politicians.  You click it when you hear one of those words and it negates the impact.  

We encourage looking for solutions, not vague, feel-good words.  "Ah FEEL your pain," does not send that rush of trust through your brain, when you can contrast it to what is tangible, testible, real.  I wore out a clicker listening to candidates.  ​​

Solutions have the hard edges of facts.  You can pick them over, ask for examples of how they work, ask about cost, ask anything you want to know.  We strongly suggest you read this article from Politico, "How to Talk Like a Politician" AND a text book on Social Psychology.  Then, offer your good sense and your two cents.  
In the article, find out what politicians do, then take their 'techniques' into account.  We will have a webstore up soon, with recommended reading which reduces the chance you might fool yourself.   If you have read one of these, please review it; so
others can benefit from your insights.
  When we feel free to weigh in, we are taking real steps toward our own individual freedom. 

We are mostly 'recovering ideologues', meaning we got tired of  unproven theories, which is too much like looking at a pile of parts when what we want to buy is a functioning car.  Candidates are all too often a pile of parts.  You elect someone, and find out you are going to get something to go with that sleek appearance - - which is not what you wanted.  We encourage candidates to lay out their whole agenda and who will be working with them.  If they are running for president of the United States, and these are, what will their cabinet and other essential appointments be like?  Who will they include?  The President is, after all, the Chief Executive Officer for the Federal government.  So, what changes will the CEO be making?  ​All of us want to know that before the election.