Stealing America
The Story of 1992

The most significant year in the last half of the 20th Century
What you don’t know is destroying America
Until now you did not really know what happened.  Because of this, the next 36 years which have sent America’s economy into a tailspin, enmeshed us in constant war, made millions homeless, and taken the world to the brink of the disaster appeared to come out of nowhere.  Look at the list below. 
  • Bill Clinton would never have been elected president.
  • Bush W. would never have been elected president.
  • War on Iraq would not have happened.
  • Our economy would not hinge on the Federal Reserve System
  • The economy, worldwide, would be stable today.
  • We would have moved to sustainable construction
  • Millions would not have lost their homes.
  • We would all have affordable health care, and this would be under our control as individuals.
Would your life be better now if our economy was stable, growing, no longer under the control of the Federal Reserve?  It's not too late to change our direction. 
In Mid-March 1992 Clinton had only $50,000 left and an HQ bus.  On March 12 Bill and Hillary spent time at Hillary’s High School Alma Mater, Maine South High School near Chicago despite their win in the Southern Super Primary the day before.  The Clintons were ready to wind down their campaign and return to Arkansas. 
Bill and Hillary had been talking about the presidency for years, looking for the right time but the money had not appeared, even after their win in Southern Super Tuesday on March 11th. The opposition was down to was Paul Tsongas and Jerry Brown. 
It was 1992 or never.  This was necessary to stay ahead of the scandals he and Hillary knew loomed.  Bill Clinton was, and remains, a sexual predator.  He could never have been elected today, now that the MeToo! Consciousness has awakened.  Bill and Hillary knew they had a limited window of opportunity determined by Bill’s sexual habits. 

On January 26th Bill and Hillary Clinton appeared on 60 Minutes to deny Bill had carried on a long affair with Gennifer Flowers.  Now, we know this was a carefully orchestrated lie.

01/26/92: The Clintons

Bill and Hillary on 60 Minutes do an amazing job of lying through their teeth.  Now that the facts are known it almost seems that if there was an Olympic Event for Lying they should be contenders. 

  The Clintons and Greer likely spent January to mid-March looking for solutions to the problem of rapidly increasing their media presence while staving off scandals and making enough money to put gas in their bus.    

How could they sell Clinton to the mass-audience with the money they had available and do so as a stream of propaganda without the problems caused when Bill was confronted with facts about his behavior?    This is when Billary received a fax of the PhoneVoter TV Network Proposal.

Frank Greer had come onboard as Clinton’s Media Consultant.  Despite the title, Greer knew nothing about satellite technology as a distribution system.  The satellite was the only way, but it was way beyond their means.

 How could they afford it?  The answer they chose stole your voice in politics and send us over the cliff, economically. 

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