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How Many Candidates WERE There?
The number would grow, along with the
dissatisfaction of Americans

Owners of America, Inc.
(Has mysteriously disappeared.  If you
find them let us know!)

Tele Poll Electronic Town Hall
(We are looking for Gary Tomlinson, too)
1992 Promotion
What PhoneVoter offered to ALL candidates
(How about their Shows?)

1992 Candidates Unedited Speeches
(One of the Freebees)

Liberty Rings
(A Choice of Panelists Show)

Melanin Brothers and Sisters
(Let's talk about what divides us!)

Republican, or Democrat Internationale
(Let's Talk to the World!)


How Elites of the Deep State React
to being thwarted. 
​Commission on Presidential Debates


 Warning Letter
(Dems and Reps make haste to shut off 
Avenues for Citizen Action)

NeoCon Congames
(Let's Make a Deal, Elite's Style)

Are You a Conservative or a NeoCon?
(You are probably wrong if you think so!)

Contract ON America
(Filing off the Serial Numbers)

PhoneVoter Proposal Received by Candidates
(for Lamar Alexander See Mike Murphy)

1996 - Candidate Contact Notes
(Brock learns to take notes)

2000 & ​2008 
Only By Deep-Sixing John McCain
Could W. Win
(They used John Fund and Mike Murphy)

People, All Together ​​
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
(including a hero or two)

Lamar  Alexander - Candidate 1996

Haley Barbour - Chairman of the RMC, 1993

​Jerry Brown - 1992 

Pat Buchanan - 1992, 1996

​George W. Bush - 2000

George H. W. Bush - 1992

Caesar Chavez - Hero of Brock's Story

Bill & Hillary Clinton - 1992
              Campaign On Satellite
             Offered, and

​Frank Greer - Clinton 1992​

Brock d'Avignon - Founder of
         PhoneVoter TV Network

Bob Dole - Candidate 1996

Bob Dornan - Candidate 1996

Steve Forbes - Candidate 1996

John Fund - Disinformation
                          An agent working for the

Phil Gramm - Candidate 1996

Newt Gingrich - Took out a Contract on America

David Hansford - Manager, Keystone Satellite Communications

​Etienne d'Avignon - 1992 and so forth 

John McCain - Candidate
                                   2000, 2008

Mike Murphy  - Lamar Alexander 1996
John McCain 2000

PhoneVoter Team - 1992

Ross Perot - 1992 

Colin Powell - Candidate 1996

David Simmons - Owner of Keystone Satellite Communications


Some Stories are shocking, others will enlighten.