Michael Ellis "Mike" Murphy

Michael Ellis "Mike" Murphy (born 1962) is a Republican political consultant, on the face of it.  

"He advised Republicans including John McCain 2000, Rick Lazio, John Engler, Tommy Thompson, Spencer Abraham, Christie Whitman, Lamar Alexander 1996, and Arnold Schwarzenegger and George H. W. Bush, 1988.  Murphy's campaign reveals a consistent loyalty to BushCo."

Let's look at these campaigns more closely to see if any patterns reveal themselves.  On googling Murphy's name I saw some interesting points emerge.      

Mike Murphy - Looking At The Record

1987 – Tommy Thompson – Won, served as the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services from 2001–05, appointed by George W. Bush. 

1988 – George H W Bush – Won.

1995 – 2003 – John Engler, elected Governor of Michigan 1991 - Murphy worked as a consultant for the Engler Campaign in 1995. During the 1996 presidential election, Engler was considered by many[ political commentators and experts to be a serious potential vice presidential running mate for Republican nominee Bob Dole. However, Dole instead selected Jack Kemp, a former congressman, and HUD secretary.

1992 – George H W Bush – Lost, due to having ignored the proposals, 13 of them, provided for the use of satellite and Interactive TV by PhoneVoter, unlike Clinton.

1994 – Christine Todd Whitman – Won,   Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency in the administration of President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2003. 

1995 – Edward Spencer Abraham – Won, US Senate Michigan  1995 to 2001 and the tenth United States Secretary of Energy, serving under President George W. Bush, from 2001 to 2005. Abraham, a Republican, is one of the founders of the Federalist Society and a co-founder of the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy. To date, Abraham is the last Republican to serve as a U.S. Senator from Michigan.

1996 Lamar Alexander – Lost, campaign for GOP Nomination.  Murphy as Media Consultant, blocked receipt of PhoneVoter materials sent by fax, snail mail or phone about 13 times.  Other staffers were fighting for the services PhoneVoter offered. 

1999 - Jeb Bush - Won, to be expected given Murphy's affiliations and to his father and brother. 

2000 - John McCain – Lost, Mike Murphy aggressively went after the job as Media Consultant for the McCain Campaign and blocked receipt of the PhoneVoter Proposal at least 12 times.  Brock delivered this to McCain as he stood outside the Straight Talk Bus on Primary Night, June 2000, as McCain was waiting to concede to W.  McCain and his wife read this standing there and Cindy exclaimed, “John with this we could have won!”  McCain immediately confronted Murphy who shrugged and said, “You got a conventional campaign.”   Standing just a few feet from the two men Brock heard Mike Murphy loudly shout this to make himself heard over McCain.  In 2000 both the Democratic Party and George H W Bush and George W Bush were using satellite.  If Murphy was a professional he had to have known this.  

               Rick Lazio - Lost, was opposing Hillary Clinton, who has become an ally of BushCo. 

            John Engler, Engler endorsed Texas Governor George W. Bush in the 2000 Republican primary. After Bush secured the GOP nomination, Engler's name began to surface as a possible running mate for Bush. In his book Decision Points, Bush says that Engler was someone he was "close" with and could "work well with." Ultimately, Engler was passed over for the running mate position in favor of Dick Cheney, who orchestrated the War on Iraq to take back its oil fields for his associates.   

2003 - Arnold Schwarzenegger - Won, Bush Co. knew he would never be a factor in National politics.  Because of his name recognition and positives, he could not have been beaten and Bush had no reason to oppose him.  

2006 - Mitt Romney – Was advisor until January 2006.  This raises interesting questions that will be answered.  



In 1996 Mike Murphy was working for Lamar Alexander, then the Governor of  Tennessee, as a Media Consultant at the time PhoneVoter was contacting all declared candidates for the GOP nomination for president and received the information on PhoneVoter. 

PhoneVoter kept notes on each interaction with those receiving their PhoneVoter Proposals.  The notes have been kept and exist.  The notes are below, including handwritten notes made over months, show who received and passed on the PhoneVoter Proposal for Satellite and other PhoneVoter Services

Mike Murphy travelled with
John McCain throughout the entire campaign, 1999 - June 2000.  

The PhoneVoter Contact Notes, Made by Brock d'Avignon
(Notes which are typed were made on an early HP and were copied as witten)

Typed text:  Lamar Alexander 615 327 3350  TN    Dan Pero, Manager asst Ben DuPuy
                                                                                                         1808 West End Av. #600, Nashville TN 37203
                                                                                                         Mike Murphy, Media Consultant 7601 Lewinsville Rd., #320, McLean VA 22102
                                                                                                         message 31 OCT about proposal at TNHQ, will be at TNHQ +8NOV, is on MM’s desk

                                                                                                         reminder message 6NOV to pick-up proposal at TNHQ
                                                                                                         message for DuPuy to Pero & MM re DNC sat and RNC getting the big picture

                                                                                                        message to MM, was in 1 day at HQ do not know if saw proposal, also DNC action
                                                                                                        DuPuy is sending my proposal to MM 20 NOV & got sat DNC letter
                                                                                                        Skymap to MM with connectivity mailed 20 NOV

(HANDWRITTEN NOTES)   Send fax MM’s Producer Katherine Lorenz Satellite/Producer fax 703-556-4075
                                                            (Note reminding Brock of what has taken place)Std (standard) got in mail also DNC action gotten Skymap (Link to Lorenz)
                                                            Sent to KL, Barbour FAX/(check mark) Covlr (checkmark) Price list 30NOV 1995 
                                                            Sent PVN R Sat2 Barbour penn (pending) update

(Post-it note) Cheap sat truck

March 12  Katherine Lorenz satellite (703) 556-9600 Fax 556-4075
Mike Murphy Alexander Campaign

This shows that Michael E. 'Mike' Murphy, listed as the Media Consultant for the Alexander Campaign, address 7601 Lewinsville Rd., #320, McLean VA 22102 received a message received by the campaign October 31, 1995 at their Tennessee HQ.  Murphy was to be at the TNHQ on November 6.

Another message was added noting Ben DuPuy, Manager, received a message through Dan Pero, his assistant which reads:  Re: DNC (Democratic National Committee)  Satellite and RNC (Republican National Committee) 'Getting the big picture' Brock writes a note saying, DuPuy is sending my proposal to MM 20 November and got satellite DNC letter Skymap to MM with connectivity mailed 20 November, the same day.
[This was a three page fax/letter originally to Haley Barbour, Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC).  Cover was PhoneVoter TV Network (PVN) and Campaigns On Satellite (COS) Page 2 & 3 were satellite availablity and prices for The RepubliCan Channel (This was what a channel for the Republican Party was called for purposes of selling a show to the Republican Party through the RNC  in December 1995, that stated the DNC had already bought a satellite transponder, Galaxy X C-Band, effective DATE:  January 1, 1996 through 31 December 1996 at a cost of $160K per month.]

This information was shared with ALL GOP candidates though some of them did not seen to know what a satellite was or could be used to accomplish. 

Brock stopped mentioning Haley Barbour some months later when the Dole-Kemp Campaign mentioned to him that Barbour had forbidden GOP candidates from using Satellite, which also meant not using PhoneVoter TV show formats or Presidential Candidates' Debate Tournament.  
These facts lead to the only reasonable explanation of Murphy's actions, which is that he was working for BushCo to ensure the strongest candidate in 1996, Lamar Alexander, did not have the advantage of satellite TV and PhoneVoter TV so that a manipulated political process could deliver the nomination to the least attractive candidate, Bob Dole.

This continued into 2000 when Murphy went after the position of Media Consultant for the McCain Campaign, persuading the candidate to hire him and then blocking knowledge and use of satellite and PhoneVoter TV again. 

In 2000 John McCain was positioned to clean the clock of Preppy-Elite do nothing George W. Bush as the New Hampshire Primary made clear their choice of a candidate who had worked for a living, viewed serving his country seriously, and had not used the services of the same Dominatrix employed by William Bennett,  Leola McConnell.  To quote Leola's book, Lustful Utterances,  “In 1984 I watched George W. Bush enthusiastically and expertly perform a homosexual act on another man, one Victor Ashe,” “Ashe is the current U.S. ambassador to Poland; and he too should come out, like former New Jersey Gov. James McGreevy, and admit to being a gay American.” “Other homo-erotic acts were also performed by then-private citizen George W. Bush. I know this because I performed one of them on him myself.” NOTE:  The quote was taken from a partial copy of the book provided to Pillsbury-Foster by email directly from McConnell.
         New Hampshire voters gave their votes to John McCain but this was soon followed by Super Tuesday, the simultaneous primaries elections that took place on March 8, 1988, in the Southern states of Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia leading up to the 1988 November election. McCain was the outsider GOP candidate, the one who did not walk lock-step with what Americans would eventually recognize as the NeoConservative line of More Government, More War, and more money for themselves. 
       An article appearing in the Washington Post on March 1, 2000, titled, "The Conservative Press, Standing Divided for Bush," by  Howard Kurtz continued the redefinition of the GOP.  It was a full-press attack by 'journalists' not yet recognized as NeoCons.  
        If this was not enough, in parallel,  a rumor spread by John Fund of the Wall Street Journal sunk the early promise for a GOP president who did not dance to the tune of the NeoCon WarMachine then organizing themselves for service in the White House of George W. Bush.  The rumor spread by Fund accused McCain of having a dark-skinned love-child. This was an outrageous misstatement.  John and Cindy McCain had adopted an orphan not related to either of them.  McCain learned who was responsible while being driven through Manhattan soon after the Super Tuesday Returns were in and ordered this driver to drive to the Wall Street Journal to confront the perpetrator, John Fund.  

      The story, titled,  John Fund and the Brown Badge of Courage, written by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, is based on Fund's own statements conveyed to her by her daughter, Morgan, who was then living with Fund in New York. In 1996 Fund had conveyed a similar story to Melinda during a phone call he initiated.  On that occasion, Bill Clinton was the father of the black love-child. Morgan had not heard the earlier story on Fund's action, conveyed to Melinda.  During the phone conversation Fund urged Melinda to tell the story to fellow members of her Santa Barbara Chapter of the National Association of Federated Women.  She declined to do so.  Morgan, Melinda's daughter, reported to Melinda that Fund had gloated at having recycled the story from 1992, this time targeting McCain.
            Another story in the Washington Post,  " Along for the Ride" by the same journalist, Howard Kurtz, which was published on  March 12, 2000, again serves to confuse and mangle the core message of the McCain Campaign and its candidate. Imbedding in the wandering episodic article you learn Murphy went after his position in the McCain Campaign in January of 1999 when Murphy, "went to McCain's Senate office and delivered a 25-minute, 40-slide presentation on how he could win the nomination. Murphy's pitch: Skip the Iowa caucuses in favor of New Hampshire." 
              It was an entirely conventional campaign, according to the writer, who appears to have had information directly from Murphy. 
              PhoneVoter contacted the McCain Campaign twelve times with no response.  Brock learned directly from John McCain Murphy had never mentioned the possibility of both satellite for distribution and interactive television, which would have, as Cindy exclaimed when she and John were handed the proposal, would have made McCain president.  "John, we could have won with this!!!!" 
              d'Avignon, himself, handed the proposal to John McCain as he and Cindy McCain were standing next to their touring bus on the street next to the Beverly Hills Hotel on losing Primary Night in California, 2000.  John McCain stormed over to Mike Murphy, demanding an explanation.  What he received was a shrug from the blandly cool Mike Murphy who excused himself because he had run, "a conventional campaign".  Brock advised McCain not to end his campaign that night, but consider turning Straight Talk Television into a RepubliCan Channel.  McCain drove past a dozen satellite uplink trucks to concede to Bush. McCain thought about it and conceded two weeks later.  
                 Our guess is that Mike Murphy was solicited to become a campaign consultant to eliminate candidates who might get in the way of the NeoCon Agenda and or BushCo.  

Mike Murphy did the 2016 election kill data

By JOHN FUND July 9, 2014, 12:48 PM

One of the costs for Republicans of siting their 2016 convention in Cleveland is putting up with local Democratic snark over the choice. The campaign of Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald, the Democratic candidate for governor this year, was quick to send out a press release that exulted: “By picking Cleveland, Republicans are recognizing the hard work of Ed and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson in turning the city and county around.”  MORE

Both Fund and Murphy appear to both have worked as agents,' available to manipulate events and sow disinformation. Fund pretends to be a Libertarian but if you pay him enough he will pretend to be anything you like.  

See John Fund vs The Truth ,  by Justin Raimondo, published in Antiwar.com on April 26, 2006