Newt Gingrich, Contract ON America

Newt Gingrich Cares about women!

   Newt was handed a brochure about The Honesty Bondwritten by  Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, at the California Republican Convention in 1992. John Fund had asked Melinda for a copy, which she was delighted to share.  Melinda was looking for support for the project. 

Unfortunately, Gingrich first watered Honesty Bond down and then entirely converted the idea into just another way to feed his fat face.  The Republican Congress which came in for 1994 achieved nine of the ten and then all commitment evaporated.  But most of the 94ers are still in Congress, waiting for their fat retirement and managing your lives for you.

I did not know about his piracy, thinking he had just rolled out another slightly better conjob until Morgan, my former daughter, who I was talking to after realizing she had, for once in her life told the truth in late September of 1999.  As horrifying as the revelations were, I was excited to know it was possible.  If she had told the truth once, perhaps it would happen again, and then routinely! 

Standing there in the hallway, she asked me, "What was that thing you did in 1992?"  She scrunched up her face. "It was a brochure you made on something, like, Honesty?"  And, she continued, "You gave a copy to John Fund!"  I nodded, remembering.  "Guess what!  He gave it to Newt Gingrich and that is where the Contract with America came from!"  I corrected her automatically, "The Contract ON America."  

For  insights on Fund and Morgan read:    Sex, Lies & the Tape - The John Fund Story

Newt and Fund had much in common.  They were both men without conscience sure that anything which benefited them was a perfectly reasonable thing to do.  Both are NeoCons. 

To understand this story you need to know who and how the word, "Conservative' was converted to NeoCon.  NeoConservative was coined by Irving Kristol, a Trotskyite turned Rockefeller Republican.  

I answered this question rather neatly, I thought.  As it turns out, Newt Gingrich is a NeoCon, closer to being a fascist, meaning an elitist whose interests, not his conscience, are best served by an alliance between corporations and a highly centralized federal government.  

There is no sign in anything Newt Gingrich ever did of thought that he ever intended to fight for individual rights as part of a highly profitable political career.  

This is a real NeoConservative, fascist examplar


The Contract ON America
The jerk stripped out all of the accountability and all of the control which was to be in the hands of people within each Congressional District.  I thought about that while I was designing this site, let me tell you!
​   And the Social Security LockBox, originating with Al Gore also evaporated. For only 3 of 82 years were Social Security dollars not replaced with IOUs.  
Barry Goldwater was a real Conservative.  He respected the rights of individuals and opposed policies which ate away of either individual rights or imposed controls on our choices in any part of our lives, be it business or personal  

The point of the Liberty Pledge and the Honesty Bond was to give Americans more control over government run amuck.  

My experiences as a Libertarian and a Republican and working for 'liberal' causes persuaded me the rights of women were used more as bait for all parties than as a cause intended to take control away from government, returning it to each of us as individuals.  Let's consider what and who a real Conservative is and how such an individual sees the world.

I would not pick Ronald Reagan for an example, and neither would Ronnie.  Both of us would pick Barry Goldwater.  

Barry Goldwater, a real Conservative

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