The Clintons Desperately Seeking Power & Money

Stealing the Primary

From the WIKI - Flowers came forward during Bill Clinton's 1992 Presidential election campaign, stating that she had had a 12-year relationship with him.[3]
After Clinton denied having a relationship with Flowers on 60 Minutes, she held a press conference in which she played tape recordings she had secretly made of phone calls with Clinton.[4] Clinton subsequently apologized publicly to Mario Cuomo for remarks he made about the then-Governor of New York on the tapes, in which he had said that Cuomo acted like a mafioso. During the press conference, Flowers was asked several questions by "Stuttering John" Melendez of the Howard Stern Show if she was planning to sleep with any other candidates before the election, if Clinton used a condom and if there ever was a threesome. She responded by laughing at Stuttering John's prank, whereas her advisor wanted to ignore him by trying to answer other questions. News reports at the time speculated that the taped phone conversations between Flowers and Clinton could have been doctored;[4][5] Flowers had sold the original tapes to Star and they were never lab-tested.[6] Clinton aides James Carville and George Stephanopoulos backed this claim as well.[7] Stephanopoulos later claimed in a 2000 interview with journalist Tim Russert that "Oh, it was absolutely his voice, but they were selectively edited in a way to – to create some – some impression."[8]
In December 1996, Flowers talked about her sexual relationship with Clinton on The Richard Bey Show. The show was canceled the following day. Bey later attributed a direct connection between the two consecutive events.[9]
In a deposition in January 1998, while denying Kathleen Willey's sexual accusations against him, Clinton admitted that he had a sexual encounter with Flowers.[2] In his 2004 autobiography My Life, Clinton acknowledged testifying under oath that he had a sexual encounter with Flowers. He stated it was only on one occasion in 1977.[2][10] (Note that Clinton had married his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in October 1975.[11])

Evading Gennifer Flowers

It worked - and perfectly defined the morals and ethics of Billary

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