Haley Barbour
 Chairman Republican National Committee 
1993 - 1997

 1996 Candidates
to have Open Debate 

  About Haley Barbour

Haley Barbour is a lawyer, and mega-lobbyist for tobacco RJ Reynolds, Phillip Morris, and Amgen, Microsoft, United Health, Southern Company and foreign countries like Mexico collecting $35k/mo for amnesty policies.  He is not an ideologue, no, he is in it for the money and power, supporting farm subsidies, corporate welfare, and eminent domain.

Barbour worked on the Nixon & Ford campaigns and continued his 'political career; as a political aide in the Reagan White House.  But he always recognized his real home.  In 1988 he moved on home with GHW Bush presidential campaign finding time to work as a lobbyist for BGR Group at several periods and later becoming Governor of Mississippi 2004-2012, Chair of the Republican Governors Association 2009.

But arguably, he earned Most Valuable Political Asset in 1995 by ensuring GOP candidates for President were intimidated into not using Interactive Television on satellite, which had been offered to GOP candidates along with all others running for President in 1992.  With Clinton in the White House, it was essential Clinton has a second term thus clearing the way for two W terms in 2000.  

Therefore, Mike Murphy was tasked to block Lamar Alexander from getting the proposals sent to all candidates by PhoneVoter.  Of course, it could have been Karl Rove and not Haley Barbour who assigned Murphy to the task.  But it also might have been John Fund, who was himself a BushCo operative positioned at the Wall Street Journal.   

Instead of the dynamic Alexander, the Dull Dole got the nomination, astonishing in and of itself.  Dole-Kemp went down to defeat and the cries from Republicans of WHY DOLE - WHY NOT KEMP? still, echo.   Brock was the one who had recommended to Clinton’s consultants Marcus & Greer in trying to get debates going the “Clinton Roadshow”. Clinton only had $50k and couldn’t afford the $150,000/month All Democrats Clinton Channel offered him and similar Grassroots Channel to all 64 candidates that year. 

Daddy Bush ignored Brock's 1992 suggestion for a RepubliCan Channel. But losing probably got his attention.  Brock’s many media tech allies kept him briefed, such as the ’96 DNC satellite buy.  Because you can be confident the Clintons and the entire Democratic Party were Armed to the Teeth with Uplinks and Satellites for 1996.  Brock was informed of this by people in the industry, causing him to tear out what was left of his hair.  

And then, suddenly, in 2000  the GOP, or at least W and his Dad, 'discovered' Satellite, the Up-link installed at great trouble and expense in the Flatcar on your Whistle-Stop Campaign.  Ironically, this is exactly the advice sent to Geo. HWB in 1992 thirteen times when he went off to talk to an accumulated 345 people on his 1992 Whistle-Stop Campaign while Clinton was being heard by around 10M a day as he covered the country in a bus clutching his mike.  

Similarly, a clue to the no-satellite. mp PhoneVoter use treaty by displeased foreign elitists was the 1993 $100M buyout of Keystone Satellite Communications, Brock’s uplinker in ’92, when worth $10M, by France Telecom at the behest of Etienne d’Avignon, the 500-year + distant relative of Brock named after the same 2,000-year old French city.

Haley Barbour knew the Democratic Party had purchased satellite time by October 1995.   Brock sent Barbour the Warning Letter which went to all of the GOP and other non-Democratic candidates.  The evil d’Avignon was 1st EU Vice-Chancellor, President of fascist Social Responsibility Europe, and active in the Bilderberger Group later hosting the 2010-2016 series of their meetings. Having upset Etienne’s applecart of plans with GHW Bush already in place, Etienne thought Keystone had a contract with Brock; but it did not. The owner of Keystone, Simon in accepting their money, could not do satellite for 17 years. He got into Internet Protocol TV known also as Business TV for giant corporate meetings with CEOs.

And through it all Haley played his part for BushCo, helping them play catch-up and position themselves for More War.  

Now, this does not mean the RNC did not have videotapes of exciting National Federation of Pachyderm Clubs meetings to share with dutiful GOP folks. 

The RNC had a studio in their HQ east of the Capitol in DC, they made videotapes and couriered them to uplink talking head booth studios. It was devolving into GOP-TV as a video for a website that few saw. Handwritten notes added to 17 lines of previous type print of NOV 95 involving 11 people at the RNC making sure Barbour knew about the scale of satellite distribution 24/7/365 at $160k per month; and TV programming the Democrats were planning, having created a winning format for them in ’92 that would have been so easy for the GOP candidates to match but they just didn’t get the odds now against them:

To ensure the outcome of the 2000 election Mike Murphy was sent to insinuate himself into the John McCain Campaign.  
13 times Brock sent, called, pleaded for someone to READ the PROPOSAL he had sent only to McCain that year.  

McCain finally learned of this on Primary Night as he and his wife, Cindy, waited outside the Straight Talk Express on the street outside the Beverly Hills Hotel.  Brock, driven by frustration, walked up to McCain and handed him the proposal, explaining what had happened.  Together, McCain and Cindy began reading.   Flipping through the pages Cindy exclaimed, still reading, "John, you could have won!" His hands shaking and face growing red, McCain looked up, seeing Mike Murphy chatting happily with reporters.  Striding over McCain demanded an explanation growing more and more heated as Murphy remained bland and calm eventually saying, "You got a conventional campaign."

The McCain suffered under more than one betrayal.  Just prior to Super Tuesday John Fund, who expected to be a Bush W Speechwriter after the election, spread the entirely untrue story of the Black Love-Child which cost McCain primaries at that critical time.  Discovering the identity of the liar while in Manhattan McCain directed the limo to the WSJ Offices.  Storming in, John Fund hid under his desk until management could save him. 

John Fund and the Brown Badge of Courage