Sell Ads 

1st Dibs Advertising Agency
​PR & Cause Marketing

      1st Dibs Advertising is our in-house agency.  But we will show you how to sell your own ads and you can use any other agency you want.  Just ask.  ​​
  Selling something which will be useful is actually easier than begging for donations.   Your obvious pool for advertisers and sponsors are your supporters.   Some of them are already buying advertising for their existing businesses, or they are starting businesses. And you will be providing Interactive Ads, the same as you will use on your show.  People want to ask questions about what they are thinking about buying.  They want to give feedback after they buy, they want to make suggestions which can improve the business for your advertiser.  And they can buy online.  
     Our surveys and studies indicate neither advertisers or buyers will be satisfied with anything that is not interactive after they have used this.  

       If you had a lemonade stand as a kid, sold Brownie cookies, or engaged in some other small enterprise you already know what to do. 

      To participate in the Preliminary Round of the Tournament all you need to do is find five sponsors/advertisers who want to build their own presence on Interactive TV.  
     We designed our PhoneVoter Programs to help voters find the best possible candidate for them to support.   This is real comparison shopping!

      If you are a candidate you will find this a real transformational experience. During your campaign, you will learn to listen more deeply and engage with voters as you help transform how Americans view media learning how to make its power work for all of us.