2000 - The Campaign of John McCain

John McCain

John McCain with the candidates for minor parties and independents received proposals for PhoneVoter TV services in 2000. 

McCain had decided to hire Mike Murphy as his Media Consultant in January 2000.   But McCain did not know Murphy had blocked these proposals every time they arrived, but mail, email, and fax.  The final copy would be handed to John McCain in person.  But this did not happen until California Primary Day, June 7, 2000. 

We know this for a fact because of the records which showed Murphy blocked McCain from receiving the proposal and from John McCain's surprise when the proposal was put into his hands by Brock d'Avignon as he stood with his wife, Cindy, outside the Straight Talk Bus on the street outside the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.  

Standing there, McCain and Cindy read the proposal.  After reading faster and faster through each page Cindy exclaimed, "John, with this we could have won!"

Hands shaking with rage, McCain strode over to Mike Murphy, standing a few steps away.  Over John McCain's outraged shouts Brock and Cindy could hear Murhpy's bored voice saying, "You got a conventional campaign."  

Not so traditional since Daddy Bush and W were doing satellite TV as BushCo pulled out all of the stops on dirty tricks as they worked to destroy John McCain's good name.  

John Fund, on the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal, planted a story with the lie McCain had a black love child.  

John Fund and the Brown Badge of Courage
​POSTSCRIPT:  In 2000 Brock offered services only to John McCain and third-party candidates because he knew both the Democratic and Bush W with his father, Geo. H. W. Bush had obtained services.  

As was true with Brock's previous efforts with minor party candidates, no one got back to him from these campaigns, despite his having left copious messages following up offers for satellite time and services. 

The Libertarian candidate in 2000 was Harry Browne.  Harry, a life-long advocate of Voluntarism had changed his mind on the issue of running for office when his popularity as an author of books on surviving meltdown began tanking in the early 90s and decided to run for President as a Libertarian, guaranteeing a way to sell another book each time he ran.   Realizing that given his past history on politics it could be difficult to obtain the nomination, Browne paid a consulting fee to John Hix, a gifted political insider who provided what Browne needed to know to convert himself into a politically acceptable option.   This took place around 1994 - 1995.  

Irwin Schiff

Perry Willis - LP Chairman

Although we never agreed with John McCain politically over the years of his life he showed enormous courage and we agree with him, stated in his farewell, that America cannot hide from history.  We make history.