1995 -  Warning 
RNC Chair Haley Barbour and all GOP Presidential Candidates 

From October - December 1995 Brock d'Avignon send warning notices to RNC Chairman Haley Barbour and all GOP Presidential Candidates and staffers he had discovered the DNC had purchased years worth of satellite time, starting January 1, 1996.  This was costing the DNC $160,000 a month for their own transponder 24/7/365 on Galaxy X.  Brock was acting on the belief Barbour had negotiated a two-part treaty with the DNC: 
           1.  Not to use Campaigns on Satellite (COS) or PhoneVoter TV;
                This, despite the fact the world now knew it was the use of satellite TV which put Clinton, a Democrat in the White House and defeated President George H. W. Bush, who had turned down a dozen offers to use satellite in 1992.  
          2.  To maintain their exclusive, bipartisan, Presidential Debate Commission.
                This obligated GOP candidates to not participate in the PhoneVoter TV  Presidential Candidates' Debate
                The tournament, to be hosted by the League of Women Voters.

This DNC purchase violated the purported '1993 treaty' Barbour had supposedly made.  After  Brock informed Barbour and GOP candidates, Barbour continued to forbid candidates from using satellite, thus sinking candidates' hopes and later, the Dole-Kemp Campaign.    The PhoneVoter document below referred to as 'PVNrSAT2' in contact notes to Barbour and candidates, documents the warning and continued offer by PhoneVoter TV Network for volume discount satellite time on four other satellites.  The warning letter accompanied all proposals to campaigns, these were sent numerous times.   See bottom of  page 1 and top on page 2

Haley Barbour, Chairman
Republican National Committee 1993 - 1997

The Guilty Party

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