1996 Candidate Contact Notes
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           The record of contacts by Brock d'Avignon for candidates for president in 1995 - 1996 begins with calls made to RNC Chairman, Haley Barbour and attempted contact with Mike Murphy for the Lamar Alexander Campaign.  The originals have been scanned and Barbour for the RNC and Mike Murphy for Lamar Alexander are both on Page One.  
        It appears that Haley Barbour was less than honest with the loyal cadre of eager candidates for the GOP Nomination for President in 1995 - 1996.  I always wondered how they came to pick such a lack-luster candidate as Bob Dole for President but this now seems to be explained.  Barbour knew perfectly well that even if Bill Clinton had been three times as scandalously shocking as he was, and even if Hillary had publically joined him in these as a public threesome, Bob (The dull) Dole, would still have lost without the redeeming use of satellite and PhoneVoter Interactive.  So Barbour ensured this would not be an issue by bullying such otherwise self-respecting individuals as Steve Forbes, Lamar Alexander, Bob Dornan, Phil Gramm, Alan Keyes, Dick Lugar, General Colin Powell, Arlen Specter, Morry Taylor, Charles Collins, and Pat Buchanan, any of which exude more charisma and machismo while asleep than Bob Dole does at any time while he is actually conscious.  
       How clever of Haley Barbour to see this quick and easy path for ensuring the election of W in 2000!  It would have been impossible for W, who no one in New Hampshire in 2000 could even remember, to prevail against a sitting Republican President - and awkward to run against such.  
         This, of course, also explains the steps taken in 2000 to ensure W's path to the White House, which clearly required the services of Mike Murphy to keep Lamar Alexander ignorant of the exciting possibilities of PhoneVoter in 1995 and then provide the same services in side-lining John McCain, who had cleaned W's clock in New Hampshire and would have repeated the feat on Super Tuesday in 2000 if not for the insertion of the Infamous Black Love-Child John Fund attributed to McCain with perfect timing before that Tuesday.  And that clearly was not enough.  Mike Murphy had insinuated himself into the McCain's StraightTalk  Express to ensure nothing untoward for W occurred.  
       d'Avignon is providing his recollections on each of these contacts and the outcomes, Pages One - Five.  Pages One - Four include all GOP candidates.  If you have not read the 1995 Warning Letter referred to in these contact notes as PVNrSAT2, view it HERE
    Page Five includes all Libertarian candidates and Vince Miller for another project, LISTEN, a proposed Network for libertarians.
      More to come!

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