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The Deal Was Cut
Post-Election 1992

1992 had delivered the message that control of America's political establishment was hanging by a thread.  PhoneVoter had, inadvertently, delivered the word, their efforts to give all candidates the means for building support for their candidacies based on Interaction. 

In 1992 these technologies had been primitive -but in the wake of the stunning upset election, which took down the most popular president in history, George HW Bush, the use of phones for buying Zirconian Rings had begun.  Commercial interests realized the power but had no interest in what else was possible. 

In 1993 Haley Barbour became the Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC).  This could only have happened with the approval of Bush Senior, then out of the White House and looking at his legacy and his wish to have his son, George W. Bush, follow him into the White House. 

To ensure no GOP candidate beat Bill Clinton, together, the Clintons and  H. W. Bush used Haley Barbour to ensure no GOP candidate used Satellite or PhoneVoter's other services.  

GOP Presidential candidates were forbidden to use these directly by Haley Barbour, RNC Chairman.  Media Consultant, Mike Murphy, who was an HW Insider, was told to ensure Lamar Alexander never learned about the impact of PhoneVoter.  After Alexander lost in the primary to Dole, who was chosen because it was, 'his time (to lose), Murphy joined the Dole Campaign and likely provided the same services.  This, despite the fact others in the Alexander Campaign tried to persuade Murphy to give Alexander the proposal.  LINK

In 1996 the DNC purchased satellite coverage for Bill Clinton for 24 hours a day, 7-days a week, and 365-days of 1996.  There was no serious competition for Clinton's second term.  Brock learned about this purchase through one of his contacts in the satellite industry and immediately informed Haley Barbour, and all declared candidates, including Republicans. LINK

In 2000 Murphy would again ensure as John McCain's 'Media Consultant'. McCain did not learn about PhoneVoter until after the California Primary.  Brock learned of this directly when he placed the 13th copy of the Campaign Plan in John McCain's hands outside the Beverly Hills Hotel on Primary Day in California.  Standing there with his wife, Cindy, the two read the plan.  Cindy exclaimed, "John, with this you could have won!"   According to Brock, who witnessed the reaction of both John McCain and his wife, McCain stormed over to Mike Murphy, demanding an explanation in a voice that carried for a long way. Murphy responded with a similar volume, probably to ensure McCain heard him, "You got the conventional campaign we agreed on."  Read the full story of how Mike Murphy insinuated himself into the McCain Campaign to stop a threat to Bush W.  Notice Mike Murphy performed the same function in 1996 to ensure Lamar Alexander did not get the GOP nomination. Mike Murphy   - Lamar Alexander 1996   -  John McCain 2000

This is why you got Dick Cheney as the virtual US President and W was able to continue with his weed-whacker.  W stayed in good shape, far from the White House for much of the time, and Cheney was able to fulfill the wet dreams of his real employers, the Oil Industry.   

The use of these tactics by the Establishment, or Deep State, whichever you prefer, explains Obama and Trump, who only wanted the publicity and was chagrined to learn enough Americans viewed him as, Well, he is NOT Hillary, to elect him, despite Deep State assuming they had managed to guarantee the 'Hill Will Have It'.  

They made sure in 2004 by using voting machines to steal that election, too.  More on this later.