What COULD have happened 
Presidential Candidates' Debate

What will happen  
Presidential Candidates' 
Debate Tournament

How the NeoCons Stole Freedom.  Want to know?
The TV Show, NeoCons , is on the way....
Here is the teaser. 
Every word is true.
How often have you been able to say that about a politician?
Stop arguing about which candidate was the least bad.
Here on PhoneVoter TV we put this is perspective by
answering the question, "What went wrong?"
Followed by, "What can we do to give each of us a voice
and the power to solve our problems?"

First, What Went Wrong

The Story Hidden by
the NeoCons
about 1992

When you see how easily we were fooled by layers of liars who were carefully coordinated and well paid it begins to come together.  If you thought BushCo, the Clintons, and Obama were separate teams, be prepared to lose your illusion.  

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